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Applying for Graduation

Graduation requirements

To graduate from PCC you are required to:

  • complete the general education requirements for your program
  • complete the required program core courses, support courses and prerequisite requirements
  • complete the reading requirement if it is applicable for your degree or certificate
  • earn a 2.0 or higher grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale
  • earn at least a 'C' in your general education and core courses
  • meet with an advisor to apply for graduation.

Specific requirements for associate degrees and certificate programs include

  • Associate degree: complete at least 60 credits at the 100 level or higher. At least 15 credits of the program requirements must be taken at Pima.
  • Certificate: complete between six and 59 credits of coursework. At least six credits of the program requirements must be taken at Pima.

Grades of 'F' do not fulfill requirements for any degrees or certificate programs. Grades of 'D' and 'P' do not fulfill requirements for transfer programs or for the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC). Grades of 'D' may count in support courses for some occupational certificates and degrees.

When you have reached the final semester of your degree or certificate program it is time to apply for graduation.  Degrees and certificates are awarded at the end of each semester.

To apply for graduation you need to complete these steps:

Refer to the Key Dates and Deadlines page for application deadlines. Applications submitted after the deadline will be processed for the following semester.

You may be granted an honors designation if you are graduating with a degree, have completed 30 credit hours at Pima, and meet the grade point averages (GPAs) listed below.

  • 3.500 to 3.749 GPA = Graduation with Honors
  • 3.750 to 3.899 GPA = Graduation with High Honors
  • 3.900 to 4.000 GPA = Graduation with Highest Honors

These designations will be shown on your diploma and listed on your official transcripts.

If you are continuously enrolled at any public Arizona community college or university you may:

  • graduate according to the requirements of the catalog in effect when you first enrolled at Pima, or
  • graduate according to the requirements of any subsequent Pima catalog as long as you do not exceed your department's time limit for coursework (see below). (Students accepted to a program through a selective admissions process will be admitted under the current catalog at the time of admission to the program.)

To be considered continuously enrolled you must earn course credits every semester.

  • Failure to enroll in three consecutive regular (fall or spring) semesters will break your continuous enrollment.
  • Enrollment in intervening summer terms may be used to maintain continuous enrollment status.
  • Noncredit, audited, failed courses and withdrawals do not count toward continuous enrollment.

If you were not continuously enrolled, you must:

  • meet the graduation requirements of the catalog in effect when you re-enroll or those of a subsequent catalog
  • follow the graduation requirements of the next fall catalog if you re-enroll during a summer session.

Coursework older than eight years may apply to degree requirements at the discretion of the College.

In some cases the following exceptions may apply.

  • Accreditation agencies may set a term shorter than eight years.
  • Departments in fields where information changes quickly, or when completing earlier requirements is no longer possible or educationally sound, may set a shorter term.

There is no time limit for general education courses.

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