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Area of Interest

The U.S. needs people well trained in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, known collectively as STEM.

That need is reflected in the salaries that STEM graduates earn: On average, it’s $37,000 more at entry level than other bachelor’s degrees, according to Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce.

Pima has a wide range of STEM programs. If you want to lead the fight to build a better world, an Associate Degree leading to bachelor’s degrees in Biology, Chemistry or other sciences is a smart place to start.

If you want to work alongside the scientists who are building a better world, we have certificates and degrees that focus on the critical behind-the-scenes work.

And if you want to build things, we have a pre-Engineering degree.


STEM Disciplines
Bioscience Laboratory Technology [Inactivated]

Related programs & interest areas: Astronomy, ChemistryClinical Research, Geography, Geology, MathMedical Laboratory Technology, and Physics

Degrees & Certificates

AS - Associate of Science

Recently Inactivated Programs

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