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Massage therapist giving a massage

Therapeutic Massage


Learn techniques to alleviate chronic pain, reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, and promote healing through therapeutic massage. This program includes clinical practice in a professional atmosphere and prepares students for the national therapeutic massage and bodywork exam and state licensure.

Conditional Enrollment Program: You will be eligible to enroll in TMA courses once you have completed the requirement listed in Program Admission and the Department has authorized your enrollment. See the program director or advisor for more information.

Title IV Financial Aid eligible: Yes


Northwest Campus

Contact Information

Division of Allied Health
Dean: 520.206.6916

Program Information

Similar Programs


Completing this program can lead to employment in a variety of different careers.  Here are some examples of occupations related to this program with associated Pima County-based annual median wages.  Some careers may require additional education or training. Source: EMSI

Occupation Annual Median Wage
Massage Therapist $31,318

Academic Options

Continue your professional development with other courses and certificates in Health Sciences.

Program Requirements 2020-2021

Required Core Courses

A grade of C or better is required for graduation.

Course # Course Title Credits
TMA 101 Introduction to Massage Therapy 2
TMA 120 Professionalism and Ethics for Massage Therapists 2
TMA 201IN Therapeutic Massage Practice I 6
TMA 202IN Therapeutic Massage Practice II 6
TMA 202LC Therapeutic Massage Practice Clinical Lab I 1
TMA 210 Fundamentals of Kinesiology 3
TMA 215 Introduction to Pathology for Massage and Bodywork 3
TMA 222 Business Management for Massage and Bodywork 2
TMA 290LC Therapeutic Massage Clinical 3
TMA 291 Therapeutic Massage Internship 1
WED 110 Introduction to Complementary and Alternative Medicine 3
WED 111 Self Care for Personal Wellness 2
Subtotal 34

Required Support Courses

A grade of C or better is required for graduation.

Course # Course Title Credits
BIO 160IN* Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology 4
MAT 106** Elementary Data Analysis with Spreadsheets 2
STU 100 College Success and Career Planning 1
WRT 101 English Composition I [SUN# ENG 1101] 3
Subtotal 10
Total 44

* BIO 201IN, 201IH, 202IN, or 203IN may substitute for BIO 160IN.

** Any MAT class 100 or higher may substitute for MAT 106.

Conditional Program/Major Codes: CRTTMA/9TMC
Gainful Employment Disclosure

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