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2 students in cap and gown smiling at PCC graduation

Mission & History

College Mission

PCC is an open-admissions institution providing affordable, comprehensive educational opportunities that support student success and meet the diverse needs of its students and community.

College Vision

PCC will be a premier community college committed to providing educational pathways that ensure student success and enhance the academic, economic and cultural vitality of our students and diverse community.

To guide Pima Community College, these values characterize the way in which we accomplish our mission:

  • People: We value our students, employees and the community members we serve, by making decisions that address the needs of those populations.
  • Integrity: We make a commitment to academic honesty, personal ethics and institutional decision-making that is based on sound moral principles, accountability and transparency.
  • Excellence: We embrace best practices and value high quality services and programs that lead to successful outcomes for our students through evidence-based continuous improvement practices.
  • Communication: We are committed to sharing information with internal and external stakeholders in a transparent, timely and meaningful way that is open, honest and civil.
  • Collaboration: We encourage teamwork and cooperation within the College and with the community to support student success.
  • Open Admissions and Open Access: We value open admissions and access to our programs and services for all who may benefit from them, regardless of where they are starting from or what their final goal may be.

Student Success

  • Support and increase student goal achievement
  • Support student progress toward goals
  • Enhance course, program and general education assessment to improve learning


  • Provide educational pathways and resources that meet student and community needs
  • Increase enrollment across the College 

Teaching and Program Excellence

  • Provide excellent teaching that utilizes best practices to support student success
  • Offer relevant and quality programs that provide positive contributions to the economy of the region

Student Services

  • Provide quality and appropriate student support services at the campuses
  • Provide student-centered admissions and financial aid processes that support student success

Community Engagement

  • Promote initiatives that provide opportunities for the development of our students and community
  • Engage with national, state and local authorities on initiatives that support the mission of the College
  • Develop and enhance partnerships that identify and respond to the educational needs of the community
  • Engage with industry and increase the skilled workforce within Pima County

Diversity, Inclusion and Global Education

  • Expand and support the diversity of the College’s student population
  • Close the achievement gap
  • Expand and support the diversity of the College’s workforce
  • Develop and increase the student population through global education

Institutional Effectiveness

  • Ensure effective and ethical use of the College’s financial resources, technology and infrastructure
  • Enhance an evidence-based approach to decision-making that is based on continuous improvement processes

Mission Fulfillment

To fulfill the College mission, the PCC established seven core themes where it monitors progress with key performance indicators (KPIs) in each area. View

Help ensure the core themes and objectives meet the needs of the community.  Provide feedback to

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